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Case Study: See How the Legendary Olympic Club Powers Signups with Cocaptain

Olympic Club

For their 2023 Trans Tahoe Relay, The Olympic Club chose to partner with Cocaptain to handle registration for over 1,200 athletes. This partnership enabled the Olympic Club team to save time and focus on coordinating an incredible event rather than deal with clunky, outdated software.

About the Olympic Club Trans Tahoe Relay

Established in 1976, the Olympic Club Trans Tahoe Relay stands as a landmark open water event, garnering global recognition as one of the most unique swimming relays. This event fosters spirited team competition among various clubs and organizations, serving as a platform for promoting teamwork and competitive spirit.

The Challenge

The Olympic Club faced challenges with their outdated registration process, which just two years ago still relied on the manual collection of checks and paper waivers. Last year, they incorporated DocuSign but found it insufficient for their comprehensive needs. The Club was in pursuit of an all-encompassing, user-friendly solution that aligns with the technological standards of 2023, simplifying the sign-up process for participants and addressing various administrative bottlenecks.

Cocaptain's Solution

Cocaptain introduced a streamlined and efficient platform, designed with the user in mind. Admins can launch registration swiftly, with confidence that everything was being taken care of: from signups to waivers to payments. For athletes, Cocaptain's focus on minimizing extra steps during signup makes the process smooth and easy.

With Cocaptain's innovative self-organized team registration feature, captains could create teams, pay, and share a unique link for teammates to join effortlessly. For the Race Director, it operated all of this on autopilot while providing a convenient overview of all registrations to ensure complaince with rules regarding the number of participants, their ages, and genders.

Moreover, Cocaptain's platform simplified the payment and refund processes, and offered an efficient system for participant replacement, making the entire registration experience more user-friendly and automated.

An Easy, Time-Saving Registration Tool

Cocaptain's registration tool saved hours not only for captains and athletes during signup, but also for setting up the registration itself. By making it easy to enable and monitor registration, waivers, and teammate confirmations, the club's director saved over 30 hours on this event alone. This gave him more time to allocate toward coordinating the day of the event and focusing on other work rather than administrative tasks or troubleshooting.

Captains found it exceptionally easy to use the platform to sign up and share links with teammates directly. Furthermore, the system simplifies the payment, refunds, and swimmer replacement processes, making it not only user-friendly but also highly automated and efficient, even when rapid changes are necessary.

“Most people signed in and 30 seconds later and they were done and didn't even think about it again. Which is perfect.”

For the club's Accounting Team, Cocaptain made it simple to track all of the funds being collected. With next-day deposits, Cocaptain takes the wait time out of receiving funds from participants - helping to provide working capital right away.

“Our accounting team is separate…it was easy for me to say, hey accounting here's the transfer on May 1st, can you verify it? And everything lined up really well and was automated. So not something I had to log in and check too often, which is great.”

Destined to Supercharge Growth

The ease and efficiency of Cocaptain's registration process are expected to leave a lasting impression on participants, thereby attracting more individuals to engage in future events hosted by The Olympic Club. In a post-race survey, participants rated the registration process highly. Confident in the platform's capabilities, the Club anticipates seamlessly reaching full capacity for upcoming events.

The system not only simplifies the registration process but is also a valuable asset for marketing outreach. With access to contact information for all 1,200 participants, The Olympic Club can now effortlessly expand their marketing initiatives, paving the way for significant growth and fuller event participation in the years to come.

“I feel like moving forward we will have no problem hitting our capacity.”

Responsive & Timely Customer Service

The Olympic Club found working with the Cocaptain team to be a breeze. Not only did the support team help customers when they were stuck with registration, but they also were very receptive to feedback and used it to continue building a better product. The club was able to provide feedback directly and found that Cocaptain was an accommodating, flexible partner: setting a positive tone for future collaboration.

“Response time was really fast and spot on.”


Given the success of the event, the Cocaptain and Trans Tahoe Relay teams are both excited to continue growing this partnership for years to come.

To learn more about the Trans Tahoe Relay, visit the event website at

If you need help simplifying the signup or scheduling process for your event, reach out to the Cocaptain team at

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